We have a number of different sessions that we are currently piloting as part of the development of our learning programme. The following workshops are currently available to book for either a visit or an outreach session:


Hard Tack and Curry

Pupils will look at the food rations of soldiers from three different conflicts; WW1 field rations; WW2 24hour rations and modern 24hour rations. In three groups, pupils will explore their ration pack and attempt to put together a menu for one soldier for 24hours. We will then discuss each of their findings and compare their menus to decide if soldiers had a balanced diet.



Women at War

This activity explores women’s roles in the Army from WW1 through to the present day; how it has changed and what opportunities are now available to women in the military. Pupils will debate the idea of women in combat roles; the arguments for and against this and form their own opinion on whether this should be allowed. The workshop concludes with a poster design activity.

Science of War

79. (7.79) Lewis gun post in a trench held by 15th Royal Scots, 4th january, 1918.

Pupils will explore the changing technologies of warfare and the idea that the First World War changed the way in which wars were fought as the first industrialised War. Through object handling and discussion, pupils will look at the differences in technologies and how military technology may have influenced civilian technology. Finally, pupils will have the opportunity to design and build their own soldiers’ helmet.