The Royal Regiment of Scotland Formation Day – 28 March 2006

On 28 March 2006, The Royal Regiment of Scotland was formed when the six surviving regular and two territorial regiments of Scottish Infantry were amalgamated. Today the Regiment is made up of four regular battalions, one regular incremental company and 2 reserve battalions.

The Regiment is Scotland’s Infantry Regiment; structured, equipped and manned for the 21st Century, but it draws particular strength, and extraordinary cohesion, from the uniquely glorious history of its antecedent Regiments. The Regiment is one of the key custodians of Scottish martial history and remains fiercely proud of its heritage; each Battalion carries forward the history, traditions and fighting spirit of its forebears with uncompromising pride and passion.

Scotland has a tradition of producing courageous, resilient, tenacious and tough infantry soldiers and their reputation throughout the Army and within the community is one they can justifiably be proud of.  The period since the formation of the Regiment has been dominated by a consistently outstanding contribution to demanding military operations.  The soldiers and officers of the Regiment who have served since 28 March 2006 have done so with tremendous distinction.  The focus now is to build on a very firm foundation, and to move forward from a position of strength and professional confidence.

Happy Formation Day!